Ultimate Guide: Choosing the Best Greek Islands for Your Family Vacation

Are you sick and weary of looking for the Best greek islands for families that provide a mix of culture, adventure, and leisure for families? However, choosing a destination for your family might be difficult given the abundance of Greek islands available.

best greek island beaches for families


best greek island beaches for families

Every member of the family will find something to enjoy in the Greek islands’ stunning beaches, fascinating historical monuments, and lively culture. But how can you decide which Greek island
resorts are ideal for families when there are so many to choose from?
Together with other travel writers, I’ve compiled a great list of the most well-liked Greek Islands for family vacations in this blog article. We’ve taken into account everything, including cost and kid-friendly activities in Greece.

Additionally, the top family-friendly hotels in Greece, the accessibility of each island, and must-see attractions for families were highlighted. These Greek islands good for families have historic ruins and beautiful beaches, so there’s something for every member of the family. Thus, prepare for an incredible journey in the home of gods and heroes by packing your baggage.

Organizing a Greek vacation on your own is simple. Avoid booking a package vacation as you will likely receive subpar accommodations and the worst flights

A sizable portion of Southern Europe is made up of the Greek Islands, making Greece an excellent destination for family vacations. While I admire Greece’s decision to use its own names for its islands on Google Maps, I do find it challenging to identify which island is which while searching for the greatest Greek islands using the map service.

1. Mykonos

Mykonos Greek island


Mykonos Greek island

Since the 1950s and 1960s, Mykonos has been a popular destination in the Aegean for party animals. An island that never sleeps is a favorite hangout for backpackers and international jet sets alike. There’s always something to do. Explore chic beachside bars and a nightlife scene that can compete with Ibiza. Take a yacht to neighboring Delos, which is thought to be the birthplace of the Greek deity Apollo, for a change of pace. Before returning to the busy streets of Mykonos,

you may explore historic sites and cool down in the azure waves of the Aegean.

2. Naxos

Is staying up late not your thing? Not everyone is suited for vibrant Mykonos. If you like a restful night’s sleep, choose the tranquil, kid-friendly island of Naxos. It’s the ideal location to disconnect and relax for a few days, or perhaps weeks. Life is simple and lived leisurely here. Discover charming villages and historical monuments, swim on isolated beaches, and learn how to prepare regional cuisine. You’ll swear you’ve stepped back in time. This place beautifully displays the beauty of nature. Naxos is the perfect place for everyone who wants to unwind, re-energize, and Rest.

3. Greece’s mainland

Why not give the mainland a shot if you’re having trouble deciding? The Greek mainland, which is home to the cities of Athens and Thessaloniki, genuinely has something to offer everyone. Are you ready to explore history? Check out the Acropolis, a must-see. Are you hoping to find any additional gems that are hidden? Show it the Sithonian pine trees and the scenic Pelion peninsula. And keep in mind that idyllic beaches and lovely blue seas, like those of the Chalkidiki Blue Lagoon, are always just a short boat trip away, even from the mainland.

4. Crete

Don’t miss Crete if you enjoy being outdoors and being in the great outdoors. Crete, the biggest and roughest of the Greek islands, is the go-to place for tourists looking for an adventure that combines history, mythology, and the natural world in equal measure. Zeus was born in a cave,

and it is the island where Theseus defeated the Minotaur. There are several walking paths available, catering to both novice and experienced hikers. Canyon crawlers will enjoy Kristas in the east and the remarkable Samaria Gorge in the south of the island. Are you ready to take on some altitude? At the top of Mount Ida, which rises to a height of nearly 8,000 feet, lies snow in the winter. Remember to bring your hiking boots!

5. Milos

This quiet, isolated getaway could be Greece’s best-kept secret, despite its notoriety as the island where the Venus de Milo was found. Some of the most stunning white sand beaches in the Aegean may be found here. Many of these breathtaking swimming locations are reachable by vehicle or foot, but nothing compares to a boat voyage to really appreciate them. Explore Papafragas or have fun swimming, tanning, and splashing close to Sarakiniko’s stunning ivory

cliffs. Take into consideration Milos if you have a penchant for leaving your mark on deserted white sand beaches.

6. Paxos

One of the smaller Ionian Islands is Paxos, which is located off the eastern coast of mainland Greece. But it has a lot of power. Gaios, the main city of the island, is a sophisticated place to be.

Avlaki, Paralia Voutoumi, Marmari, and Tripitos Arch have electrifying blue seas that are sure to entice both nature enthusiasts and beach bums alike. Agios Nikolaos Castle, built in the  fifteenth century, is a must-see for history aficionados. You may take a boat to the similarly beautiful Antipaxos for a day excursion to an even smaller island. For those looking for an elegant but

enjoyable stay, Paxos has a terrific scene.

7. The Santorini

Santorini Greek island


Santorini Greek island

Consider yourself a gourmet. Discover a hint of Santorini. This island is a sanctuary for everything

tasty in addition to its breathtaking coastline landscape and quaint cliffside communities. Savor

regional specialties like as traditional fava stew, tomatokeftedes (or tomato fritters in English),

and chlorotyri cheese as you go from taverna to taverna. Not to mention fish so fresh it will haunt

your dreams until your next visit. Take a cooking lesson with experienced Greek chefs to get

additional hands-on experience. Remember that you are on the Greek islands, so don’t let the

thought of what to eat for dinner distract you from taking a stylish stroll around Santorini’s

stunning seas.

8. Corfu

Corfu has always been a popular destination for partygoers and aristocracy alike, but did you

know that it’s also one of the greatest places to take a swim? The vibrant medieval city of Corfu

Town, which is located on the Ionian Sea’s edge, is the reason for the island’s fame. However, it

also provides some of the islands’ most thrilling swimming opportunities. See Corfu’s underwater

grottos and caverns if you’re looking for something to do other than sunbathing. Meet the local

monk seals while taking a cruise from Corfu Town to the Blue Caves, stopping along the way at

the gorgeous Paradise Beach, which lives up to its name.

9. Rhode Island

 Rhode Island Greek


Rhode Island Greek

Are you looking for a simple, unhurried family vacation? Rhodes provides the ideal environment.

The history of the island is rich and intriguing. With its tall walls, moats, Roman ruins, Byzantine

churches, synagogues, and minarets, Rhodes Town’s ancient citadel has a particular attraction

for inquisitive children. But the island is much more than that. Visit the beaches in the south with

amber sand. Wander around the Butterfly Valley. Visit the ancient remains of Kamiros on a

pilgrimage. To go to Monolithos Castle, ascend a hilltop. Whatever you choose, the island is

guaranteed to delight your family.

10. Hydra.

Hydra has been the target of culture vultures for many years. In the 1960s, artists like Charmian

Clift and musicians like Leonard Cohen found refuge on this car-free, carefree island in the Saronic

Gulf, about an hour’s journey by ferry from Athens. These days, renowned artists like Sadie Coles

and Juergen Teller have residences here, while painters like David Shrigley produce yearly pieces

at the DESTE Foundation in an abandoned slaughterhouse. In places like the Hydronetta Bar on the island, bohemians, and the smart set make a great combination. Searching for motivation in art? Proceed to Hydra.


Greece’s allure is well-known: its emerald seas, ivory white sand beaches, historic sites,

breathtaking scenery, and an abundance of wine. The Greek islands are the most perfect place

to go if you want to take advantage of Europe’s warmer months. After all, they have drawn

tourists for millennia, including Lord Byron, Leonard Cohen, and the Mamma Mia ensemble.

There is an island — or three — to fit everyone’s preferences among the more than 200 stunning

oasis available. Discover the top 10 Greek islands for all kinds of travelers by reading on.


1. In Greece, is family important?

“Family is not an important thing—it’s everything,” goes the Greek proverb. It follows that

wherever you travel, locals are likely to greet you and your kids with open arms.

2. Which Greek islands have the greatest popularity?

The most popular and photographed group of islands are the Cyclades, which are home to Paros,

Milos, Naxos, Santorini, and Mykonos, among many more stunning white islands sprinkled with

sugar cubes. The Dodecanese are located near Turkey and to the east of the Cyclades. Rhodes is

the most populated and well-known island; Kos, Patmos, and Symi are all close by.

3. Which Greek islands are the cheapest?

One of the most reasonably priced Greek islands is Kos, where lodgings in August start at about

30 euros per night. You may score some amazing deals if you go during shoulder season. Kos is

reachable by direct aircraft from a number of European locations. An alternative would be to

depart from Athens on a quick domestic flight.

4. Which Greek island is the greatest place to go on a tight budget?

There are several wonderful Greek islands that are ideal for low-cost tourism. To start with, if you

are on a tight budget, you should definitely rule out a few Greek islands. In essence, they are

among the most affluent and popular with tourists. These are, namely, Zakynthos, Santorini, Ios,

and Mykonos.

5. Are there any reasonably priced hidden treasures among the Greek islands?

With reasonably priced hotels and villas along with a variety of excellent seafood restaurants and

taverns, the remote jewel of the Aegean Sea is a veritable haven of tranquility and solitude. There

are several beaches on Poros, and each one has its own special beauty. Poros is truly something

remarkable; it has both rocky and white sand beaches.

6. What benefits and drawbacks come with traveling to the Greek islands?

The expense of visiting Greece and the Greek islands deters many individuals from fulfilling their

desire to see the country. It is true that accommodations like villas and boutique hotels in

Mykonos and Santorini may set you back several hundred euros a night.

7. Is Greece a kid-friendly travel destination?

Greece is a Pandora’s box full of unexpected pleasures for kids of all ages, whether you’re

planning an island-hopping journey, want to spend time in enchanted museums, walk to visit topnotch archeological sites, or just want to splash about on a series of gorgeous beaches.

8. Is the island of Crete kid-friendly?

But when it comes to truly kid-friendly beaches, we really like the beaches around Chania,

Elafonisi Beach, Balos, and Falasarna. Plakias and the surrounding beaches are also excellent

options because they are all sandy and have shallow seas. There are countless things to see and do in Crete, the biggest island in Greece.

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