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Embark on an Unforgettable Escape to Sri Lanka: An 8-Day Adventure Exploring Beauty, Culture, and Diversity

To get into an exciting vacation to escape from your busy life, Sri Lanka is the place to visit. In this journey of 8 days and 9 nights, we take you through the most beautiful and significant visiting sites of Sri Lanka. No matter what you are; a history buff, an adventurer, a hiker, a naturist, or an architecture enthusiast, there is something for everyone on this trip. We take you through the wetlands, highlands, drylands, and coastal areas so you can enjoy the biodiversity along with the cultural diversity of Sri Lanka. 


Spend your first night in Sigiriya town with a beautiful view of Sigiriya rock out of the window. Sigiriya is situated near Dambulla town in Matale District and is famous because of the marvelous rock formation that was turned into a fortress in the time of King Kashyapa. 

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Climbing Sigiriya is one of the favorite things tourists like to do. Along the 1,200 steps, you will get to see many interesting things. There is the mirror wall, a brick wall that had covered the entire staircase in ancient times. The polished wall plasters gave the name the ‘mirror wall.’ You can see the scribbles and little poems the visitors have written on the wall appreciating the beauty and marvel of Sigiriya. There are also Sigiriya Wall arts of beautiful women and the giant lion foot doorway to the top of the Sigiriya.

You will also get to climb the Pidurangala rock, which will give you a 360-degree view of the surrounding lands, including Sigiriya standing tall on the horizon. 

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Even though Habarana is a small town, the things you can do there are quite enjoyable. First, there is Habarana Lake, where you can see the famous Sri Lankan elephants chilling in their natural habitat. There are groups of elephants in this area, consisting of elephants of different ages. Therefore, it would be a fun experience for you to watch them. There is also the Minneriya National park and the Ceylon wild trail Safari for you to spend your day.

At Dambulla, you can visit the incredible cave complex that has been turned into a temple with numerous paintings on its walls and statues inside. The cave monastery is one of the largest cave temples in South Asia. 

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If you visit Sri Lanka, it is a must that you visit the heart of Sri Lanka, the sacred city of Kandy. The main landmark in Kandy is the Temple of Tooth Relic. Every Sri Lankan treats this landmark as their cultural heritage. It is the most revered tourist site in Sri Lanka. The canine of the Lord Buddha is placed in the Royal palace, which was later turned into a temple. You can watch the religious customs happening twice every day at the Temple as well.

Kandy is the perfect place for a romantic midnight walk. You can watch the beauty of the lit city while taking a stroll around Nuwara Lake and maybe go for a boat ride on the lake as well.

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From Kandy to Nuwara Eliya, the road is scenic and beautiful. You can see the beautiful forests and misty mountains, as well as the green and well-maintained tea plantations. When you are traveling by train, the experience is much more entertaining. The tunnels, the valleys, the bridges, the environment, and the weather, everything will give you a perfect vacation experience. You can see the hills covered with tea plantations and the tea workers methodically plucking tea leaves. The eucalyptus forests will remind you of a hauntingly beautiful movie.

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Start your day with weather so soft and cold at Nuwara Eliya. The thing you MUST do at Nuwara Eliya is to visit the beautiful tea plantations. It is a blessing to enjoy a perfect cup of Ceylon tea at its birthplace while feeling the cold breeze on your skin and watching the mist fall on the green tea plantations. You will even get to see the tea manufacturing process, which will make your tea-drinking experience much more memorable. Some of the most beautiful tea factories and plantations you can visit are Pedro tea center and factory, Nuwara Eliya Tea Estate, and Mackwoods Tea Museum. And if you take a quick hike to the Lover’s Leap, you will also get to see some beautiful tea plantations. 

Enjoy your stay at Nuwara Eliya more by adding an authentic Sri Lankan meal to your evening.

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The train trip from Nuwara Eliya to Badulla via Ella is considered the most scenic train ride in Sri Lanka. On this train ride, you will get to see the emerald-green hills of Nuwara Eliya just as soon as the trip begins. The tea plantations and the tea pickers wearing bright-colored Sarees is a view that is just so Sri Lankan. The panoramic carriage is undoubtedly the best seat to view all this beauty. The train travels over the Nine Arch bridge, another must-visit in the Ella area. Nine Arch Bridge, or the Bridge is the sky is an architectural marvel because it was constructed entirely without using a single piece of metal during the colonial era of Sri Lanka.

You can take authentic Sri Lankan cooking classes at Ella and enjoy street foods, scenic root hiking, and adventurous activities.

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Yala is a famous wildlife sanctuary in Sri Lanka, which was named in 1900. Before that, it had been a hunting ground. Yala is known for its biodiversity. Many endemic birds and animals can be seen in this area, especially aquatic birds and Sri Lankan leopards. Yala gives its visitors a unique safari experience. And you will see that flora and fauna in Yala, and the surrounding environment are entirely different from the environment you have been experiencing so far and Ella and Nuwara Eliya. 

Attached to Yala National Park is the Kumana National Park, which is a sanctuary for bids. If you love watching birds, this would be a perfect place for you to spend a day.

End your day at Unawatuna, a beautiful coastal area. What’s not to like about taking a swim on a white sandy beach after an exhausting day? 

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To bid your fun vacation goodbye, travel to Colombo International Airport along the coastal area, watching the blue Indian ocean kissing the beaches of the island. 

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